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Cataloniacoin specs and features.


You can use CataloniaCoin to buy and sell things on your online-project or physical shop. Useful for the Catalonia economical future. New shops are going to accept CATc as a payment method.


You can use the Windows, Linux and Mac wallets to send and receive coins. It's as easy as open them and click to the appropriate tab (Send or receive). CataloniaCoin block target: 2 minutes.

Secured Network

Secure cryptocurrency network with a coin max-supply (coins can't be generated like FIAT money) and poweful Scrypt-N mining infraestructure securing the integrity of the network.

New team · New people · New ideas · Decentralized economical future · Without the control of banks and governments

CataloniaCoin Features:


Catalonia retrospective.

  • 1714

    The 11th of September - 1714, after thirteen months of siege, Barcelona fell to Felipe V troops in what it was the final chapter of the Spanish Succession War.

  • Demonstrations


    Every year, Catalonia citizens show to the world that they want to vote. They want a better future, they want freedom.

  • ?


    People want to vote and be united to decide their social and economical future voting.

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    Of It, Join the future!

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